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The Women’s Resource Medical Centers of Southern Nevada (WRMCSN) would like to say thank you to all who joined us for our 32nd Anniversary of Race for Life!  We were blessed with over 557 registered participants, 90 volunteers, 23 event sponsors, 50 prize corporate donors and numerous family and friends that gathered together to celebrate the precious gift of life!

We would also like to thank our event sponsors and those of you who made a donation to sponsor a participant in their fundraising efforts to support the work of the WRMCSN!  Participation and Fundraising work hand in hand and both are vital to our mission work. It is written that “Where two or more or three are gathered in My name, I am there in the midst of them.” Mathew 18:20   Gathered together, participants of the Race sent out a clear message that Life is Valued and for those of you who participated through financial support, the message is reinforced in numerous ways!

Each year, the WRMCSN provides assistance at over 6, 000 client visits. Did you know that $35 is the value of an initial asseseement and pregnancy test, $60 sponsors one counseling session, $100 sponsors one educational class, $1,500 sponsors one client to receive our FULL Prenatal Care Program AND a FULL WEEK of running and operating our Mobile Ultrasound Unit that serve the Northwest, Henderson and on the campus of UNLV. It costs $5,500 for the Ultra-sound training of 1 volunteer nurse? The funds raised during the Race for Life keep our Center open and our services FREE.

Thank you for your role in the Women’s Resource Medical Centers of Southern Nevada and affording a safe place that allows us the opportunity to share the Word of God to men and women who find themselves in a pregnancy situation they had not planned.

Mark Your Calendars for Saturday, October 13, 2018 for the 33rd Anniversary Race for Life 5K Run / 1 Mile Walk!!!


If you attended the 32nd Anniversary Race for Life, will you please take a moment to fill out our event survey and let us know about your experience? Thank you!



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                                                                   A Very BIG Thank You To 

         Pastor Matt & Team from Life Baptist Church               J.D. & Robert, Event Emcee from SOS Radio








& A Few of the Amazing Life Racer Champions!

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Why We Race for Life... 

A Few Faces of Those YOU Support and Serve!


OUR WHY... I visited the Women’s Resource Medical Centers 16 years ago with my first pregnancy. I myself was 16 years old and considering an abortion because I felt I was too young to be a mother too young for all the responsibility and financially unable to provide for a child as I was not able to even care for myself. 

I could not bear the thought of carrying a child for nine and a half months and giving it up for adoption; that option was not conceivable. Thank God, my mom and I were able to meet with a counselor at the Center and she helped me to see the joys of motherhood and recognize that I had support. The Women’s Resource Centers was here to help with clothing, diapers, furniture, and sometimes just a friendly face to relate. My daughter is now 16 years old; she is healthy, smart, and has the biggest heart. I am so grateful every day that she is here. Thank you for being there for our family! 

OUR WHY...I came to the Women’s Resource Medical Centers of Southern Nevada in late February of 2016. Finding out that I was 10 weeks pregnant was the biggest surprise of my life. The baby’s father immediately wanted an abortion. I was so stuck in between keeping him and not keeping him. I only had 4 weeks to make up my mind because his dad only gave me $500 to get an abortion. Coming here and talking to someone about not giving up on my child was the best thing I have ever done. I made up my mind; I was going to keep him. Soon after, I found out I was having exactly what I hoped for: a boy! Chace Legend Kaye attended church for the first time when he was 2 days old and was dedicated at Valley Bible Fellowship at 1 month old. I just want to thank God for my biggest blessing!

OUR WHY...When I first came to the Women’s Resource Centers of Southern Nevada, I honestly thought I was looking for someone to point me in the direction of the nearest and cheapest abortion clinic. I actually came right after visiting Planned Parenthood but I didn’t have $25 to pay for their pregnancy test. It felt nice during my first visit to talk to someone about my concerns and to feel like someone was listening to me in a way that even my family wasn’t. My counselor and the rest of the women, after I got the results back, started treating me like a hero almost; that by having a child I was doing some great thing. That definitely started brightening my outlook. The biggest change in my decision to have an abortion or not came after my initial meeting when my counselor reached out and called to check up on me and set up an ultrasound. If it weren’t for that phone call, my child wouldn’t be here today. If not for that extra time, love, and support, and the ability to see my baby, I would have thrown it away. So I am grateful to the Women’s Resource Medical Center for all the help my family and I have received! 

OUR WHY...When I came to the Women’s Resource Medical Centers, I was so confused, sad, and lost. I was pregnant and I had no support from my baby’s father. I didn’t know what to do; I already had a one-year-old daughter but no job. I was so afraid of what I was going to go through. I was blessed by coming to the center. The staff was supportive and helped me realize my baby was a gift. I decided to keep her! My beautiful daughter is now 7 years old and I thank God for helping realize I was about to make a choice I would’ve regretted the rest of my life. I’m very thankful for the Women’s Resource Medical Centers for their support and counsel. 

OUR WHY... Last year, my boyfriend and I found out I was pregnant. Scared and confused we decided to keep this a secret. We both said getting an abortion would be the best decision. So I went online and looked up places, well I came across the website for Women’s Resource Medical Centers of Southern Nevada and thought this place can give us some advice on abortion. When we showed up, it was not what we expected. Everyone was very nice and helpful and gave us a lot of insight on getting an abortion. Based on what we learned from WRMCSN, we took more time to reconsider our decision. The WRMCSN also gave us the feeling of a great support system and we wouldn’t be in this alone. The services were great and I would highly recommend this place. Two weeks later we agree to keep the baby and now we have our Jaden. 

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