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Values Life License Plate

As many of you know, in 2013 the Women’s Resource Medical Centers received approval from the Department of Motor Vehicles to pursue the “Values Life” specialty license plate.The final approval, however, had to come from the Commission on Special License Plate which consists of legislatures and senators who are assigned to serve on this committee. On October 28, 2015, we were invited to present our “Values Life” specialty plate initiative which consisted of providing the committee with information about our organization as well as the assurance that we would be able to meet their requirement to sell and maintain a minimum of 3,000 plates within the first year that they are made available to the public.
We are excited to report that the “Values Life” specialty plate initiative was approved by a vote of 3 to 1! For those of you who signed the petition to purchase one of these plates, we want you to know that we were able to show them the great demand for these plates by revealing that 3,194 signatures were collected. Thank you so much!
This victory did not come without controversy as Planned Parenthood submitted a two page letter opposing our approval. Other organizations who were there presenting; save the turtles, save the big horn sheep, save the wild horses, etc., did not have any opposition and they were all approved unanimously. I am telling you this in order to emphasize that this is God’s project for our mission field and His anointing and favor is on these plates. He will use them to save the lives of His precious unborn children.
Those of us who value life are being given an opportunity to saturate this mission field with a visual message that promotes the value of human life. In this fast paced city we are subjected to myriads of billboards and visual advertisements all clamoring for our attention as we drive from one destination to another each and every day. Market research has proven that this form of advertising is an effective way of influencing a potential customer and has a high rate for a viewer to retain the message of the ad.  Divine appointments will be happening when we drive around each and every day as God will speak to the hearts of abortion minded men and women, “…to turn the hearts of the parents to their children and the disobedient to the wisdom of the righteous…” Luke 1:17.
Please join us as we rejoice in this great victory. We are anticipating that these plates will be ready for purchase by the first / second quarter of 2018!
If you would like to watch the video of the commission hearing, we are providing the entire 2 hour 25 minute session for your viewing pleasure or you can go directly to 1:42:43 -2:00:05 to watch my presentation and the voting. Also, please take the time to thank the three committee members who voted to approve us. They are; Assemblyman Jim, Senator Donald G. Gustavson and Assemblywoman Jill
That None Should Perish,
Esther Caruso-Golleher
Chief Executive Officer



Our “Values Life” license plate initiative was approved by the Nevada State Legislative Committee for Specialty License Plates in October of 2015.

Last year we were notified that it was time to submit our design to the department of motor vehicles for approval. Pastor Matt Philips, who has been a graphic volunteer for us since 2003, designed our specialty plate and this is what we submitted. And…it was approved!

The plate then was given to the Nevada Highway Patrol for road testing and just last week, they announced that it passed inspection. The DMV will now begin the manufacturing process.

We expect to sell and maintain 3,000 to 5,000 specialty plates within the first year which will carry our message as vehicles drive throughout our state. ANTICIPATED AVAILABILITY IS JULY 2018.

Can you imagine how God will use this mobile message to reach hearts and minds? He is so purposeful. Every aspect of this process was nothing less than miraculous as He paved the way with favor. In your time of trouble, have you ever asked God to just show you a sign? As these plates travel throughout our state, it will be a sign from Him for those who need to know that their life is valued.

All details coming your way soon so be on the lookout via mail and email. 

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