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Baby Bottle Campaign

Changing One Life At A Time

The Women's Resource Medical Centers of Southern Nevada (WRMCSN) would like to invite you and your church, youth group, small group, business or school to participate in our annual Baby Bottle Campaign. This unique campaign is an educational tool to raise awareness about the mission and services provided by the WRMCSN.
The Baby Bottle Campaign directly benefits the WRMCSN and helps us to raise the necessary funds to continue to offer our Center as a place of hope, love, and healing. We ask for your partnership and consideration to support the WRMCSN through this fundraiser. The Baby Bottle Campaign itself raises approximately $160,000 and since the remainder of 2020 just seems to be so unpredictable, we have set up a Virtual Baby Bottle Campaign through a text-to-give platform. This is a much simpler and SAFER way to still do the campaign while eliminating passing the bottles through so many hands.
You can visit the webpage directly to give:
Or donate through text-to-give: The process is simple. Text the word "BOTTLEto the phone number "202-858-1233". From there, you'll receive an automatic response with the link. When you follow that link it will take you to a donation page with various amounts and an "other" option. You then select *YOUR CHURCH* as the receiving team member and it will give you guys the credit showing how much was raised and by how many participants.
WHO can particpate? 
  • Your church
  • Your small group 
  • Your youth group
  • Your women's group
  • Your school or classroom - Great Missions / Senior Class Project
  • Your business
To participate, please fill out and return the 2020 Baby Bottle Campaign participation form.    
For questions, please contact Ashley Trim at 702-680-1011 or
Together, we can continue to share God’s truth while showing His grace to individuals seeking genuine love and acceptance.
"Let all that you do be done with love" ~ I Corinthians 16:14  

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