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Prayer Warriors

Is God leading you to enter the battlefield by committing to pray daily for the mission field of Las Vegas? If God is calling you to join our team of prayer warriors, please email us at

Prayer Requests

Each day of the week, WRMCSN staff gather for corporate prayer. If God has called you to be a prayer warrior for this ministry, please agree with us in prayer each day of the week for the following needs:

Monday (Ministry Needs)

  • Male Mentors -  more male volunteers to commit to ministering to the fathers of unborn babies. 
  • Medical Missionaries - we need 10 or more ultrasonographers to join the team.
  • Prevention Services - for our abstinence education program to be furthered and for more volunteer educators to join the speaker bureau.
  • HEART and Forgotten Fathers - facilitators are needed for these post-abortion healing groups.
  • Personal Advocates and Missionary Counselors - more men and women who will commit their time to serve in the main medical centers and the mobile unit.
  • Vision 2020 Expansion Campaign- Because the hearts and lives that are being affected will go far beyond a number or statistic, the WRMCSN has initiated the Vision 2020 Campaign.  Pray for the funding to come in order for WRMCSN to secure ownership of a new building.
  • Financial needs - God’s miraculous provision. Pray that God will not only sustain us but expand our territory to reach this entire valley. Pray for monthly contributions to increase.

 Tuesday (Community Needs)

  • Abortion Clinics and Planned Parenthood - for workers to have a change of heart and an opportunity to seek salvation.
  • UNLV & CSN students, faculty and administration - to choose Jesus, life, purity.
  • Churches - will openly stand for life and the truth of God's word.
  • High School, Middle School, Elementary School students - will be taught the truth about sexual impurity and its consequences and take heed.
  • WRMCSN Ultrasound Mobile Unit - will attract more clients in the valley and especially university students at UNLV and CSN campus' and that word of mouth will spread.

Wednesday (Operations, Staff and Volunteers)

  • Pray for the various departments of the Women's Resource Medical Centers, the day-to-day operation of the Centers, and the volunteers and staff and their families -- for each family member to be saved, delivered, healed, protected, appreciated and blessed.

Thursday (Clients)

  • Clients and their families - would feel God’s love and presence when they walk in to the Centers. That their needs will be met and they would desire to know Jesus Christ. They will choose life for their babies and salvation for themselves. Those who are post-abortive would turn to God for forgiveness and healing, and that he would use their experiences to touch the lives of others. That more women who feel they cannot raise a baby will choose adoption. Those on drugs will seek help and be delivered. Good health for moms and babies. That fathers would take responsibility to protect, support, and parent their children. For marriage and families to be valued and women and men would desire commitment. That the clients who have accepted Christ will grow in God’s word and find supportive churches.

Friday (Board of Directors, Donors, and Family of God)

  • Board members and their families - For God’s wisdom and direction in the decisions made by the Board Members. That each board member and family’s needs are met wonderfully, and they are surrounded, protected and blessed by God.
  • Donors - To have blessings poured out upon their household. 
  • Family of God - For our Christian brethren, pastors and their families to experience encouragement, protection, healing and restoration. 

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