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A look back at 2018...

The Women’s Resource Medical Centers of Southern Nevada (WRMCSN) would like to say thank you to all who joined us for our 33rd Anniversary of Race for Life!  We were blessed with over 600 registered participants, 95 volunteers and staff, 23 event sponsors, 65 corporate prize donors and numerous family and friends that gathered together to celebrate the precious gift of life!

We would also like to thank our event sponsors and those of you who made a donation to sponsor a participant in their fundraising efforts to support the work of the WRMCSN! Participation and Fundraising work hand in hand and both are vital to our mission work. It is written that “Where two or  three are gathered in My name, I am there in the midst of them.” Mathew 18:20 Gathered together, participants of the Race sent out a clear message that Life is Valued and for those of you who participated through financial support, the message is reinforced in numerous ways!


Each year, the WRMCSN provides assistance at over 6,000 client visits. Did you know that:

$35.00 - Value of an initial client assessment and pregnancy test

$60.00 - Value of one counseling session

$100.00 - Value of one educational class

$150.00 - Value of one medical ultrasound

$1,500.00 - Value for one client to receive our full prenatal care program

$300.00 - Sponsors one FULL DAY of the Mobile Ultrasound Unit that serves Henderson, Northwest and right on the campus of UNLV

The funds raised during the Race for Life help keep our Center open and our services FREE.

Thank you for your role in the Women’s Resource Medical Centers of Southern Nevada and affording a safe place that allows us the opportunity to share the Word of God to men and women who find themselves in a pregnancy situation they had not planned.

Mark your calendar for next year’s Race for Life on

Saturday, October 12, 2019!




Thanks To The Booth Vendors!

Canyon Ridge
Designs by Andi
Glen Lerner
Good News Club
It's All About You
Perfectly Posh/Lila Rose
Premier Adoption
Pride in Purity
Sam's Club (Arroyo Crossing)
Secure Nevada's Future
Sew Loved Gifts
Students for Life / Life Murals
Walk Church

                                               A Very BIG Thank You To 

                 Life Baptist Church Team                                Dan & Robert, Event Emcee from SOS Radio           


    Opening Prayer Led by Pastor Josh Teis                    Sound Provided by Crimson Producations










& A Few of the Amazing Life Racer Champions!


FUNdraising Life Racer Pre-Event Fun Weekly Winners! 

Week 1 Winner -  Sara Porter won 4 tickets to Disney on Ice, Laser Quest Package for 10 guests and a gift card to Lucille’s Smokehouse BBQ – Package Value $380!

Week 2 Winner -  Preston Goppenbacher won a Vegas Indoor Skydiving Package, FOUR learn to Fly Flights – Package Value $300!

Week 3 Winner – Jolina Pascua won a Annual Family Passport to Seaquest, Family package to Glowzone  and $70 gift card to Olive Garden - Package Value $350!

Week 4 Winner – Courtney Williams won Flightlinez Bootleg Zipline passes for two, gift certificate to Andre’s French Restaurant – Package Value $330!

Week 5 Final Winner – Jeffrey Koch won two nights at the CasaBlanca Resort in Mesquite and a $50 certificate to Grand Lux Cafe – Package Value $350!

The Board, Staff and Volunteers of the Women’s Resource Medical Centers of Southern Nevada (WRMCSN) would like to thank those who participate in our Race for Life. FUNdraising is a vital part of our ministry, and we at the WRMCSN feel blessed to have such dedicated partners in answering HIS call to save HIS children. The money that is raised enables us to continue to share the Word of God to men and women who find themselves in a pregnancy situation they had not planned for.    


Why We Race for Life... A Few Faces of Those YOU Support and Serve!    


OUR WHY... I visited the Women’s Resource Medical Centers 16 years ago with my first pregnancy. I myself was 16 years old and considering an abortion because I felt I was too young to be a mother too young for all the responsibility and financially unable to provide for a child as I was not able to even care for myself. 

I could not bear the thought of carrying a child for nine and a half months and giving it up for adoption; that option was not conceivable. Thank God, my mom and I were able to meet with a counselor at the Center and she helped me to see the joys of motherhood and recognize that I had support. The Women’s Resource Centers was here to help with clothing, diapers, furniture, and sometimes just a friendly face to relate. My daughter is now 16 years old; she is healthy, smart, and has the biggest heart. I am so grateful every day that she is here. Thank you for being there for our family! 


OUR WHY... When I found out I was pregnant, Women’s Resource Medical Centers really helped me get on my feet with the support I needed. When I wasn’t sure of what to do, they guided me with love in the right direction. When I came, I didn’t have insurance or basic needs. They gave me great resources to help get me on track, and they checked in on me to see that I was reaching my goals. The people here truly care about the well being of the woman and child, not just about the physical but also about my faith. There are truly great services and great people here. I’m lucky to have found this.


OUR WHY...When I first came to the Women’s Resource Centers of Southern Nevada, I honestly thought I was looking for someone to point me in the direction of the nearest and cheapest abortion clinic. I actually came right after visiting Planned Parenthood but I didn’t have $25 to pay for their pregnancy test. It felt nice during my first visit to talk to someone about my concerns and to feel like someone was listening to me in a way that even my family wasn’t. My counselor and the rest of the women, after I got the results back, started treating me like a hero almost; that by having a child I was doing some great thing. That definitely started brightening my outlook. The biggest change in my decision to have an abortion or not came after my initial meeting when my counselor reached out and called to check up on me and set up an ultrasound. If it weren’t for that phone call, my child wouldn’t be here today. If not for that extra time, love, and support, and the ability to see my baby, I would have thrown it away. So I am grateful to the Women’s Resource Medical Center for all the help my family and I have received! 


OUR WHY...When I came to the Women’s Resource Medical Centers, I was so confused, sad, and lost. I was pregnant and I had no support from my baby’s father. I didn’t know what to do; I already had a one-year-old daughter but no job. I was so afraid of what I was going to go through. I was blessed by coming to the center. The staff was supportive and helped me realize my baby was a gift. I decided to keep her! My beautiful daughter is now 7 years old and I thank God for helping realize I was about to make a choice I would’ve regretted the rest of my life. I’m very thankful for the Women’s Resource Medical Centers for their support and counsel. 


OUR WHY... When I originally came to the Women’s Resource Medical Centers,  I thought it was a program that assists with helping to get an abortion. I had just started a new job, and I was so extremely sick that I felt it would be impossible to go to work under these conditions.  I am also a busy mother of 3 children.  Having a new baby was not in the cards.  I can’t remember who I spoke to; however, I remember our conversation.  We spoke about God and life.

I grew up in a church, and I knew it was God speaking to me.  I knew that it wasn’t by accident that I had come to the WRMCSN.  Although I still was not completely sold on keeping the baby, I continued to come to the Center for the ultrasounds. When I had the ultrasound and saw the progress of my baby’s growth, I began to fall in love.  My husband could not stop thinking about our baby.  We began to come up with a plan that would make having a new baby work for us, instead of getting rid of our baby.

God worked it out!!  Family and friends began to reach out to us in support.  I am so happy that I changed my mind.  One of my best decisions! 


OUR WHY... Back in February, I found out I was pregnant with a pregnancy test I had purchased at the 99 cent store.  I was in shock.   I already had 3 children that were ages 7, 10 and 13.  I couldn’t believe it and could not get into the doctor right away.  I was anxious to confirm my pregnancy.  I came across the Women’s Resource Medical Centers in my search for immediate answers and made an appointment.  Upon Arriving at WRMCSN everyone was really nice.  They confirmed my pregnancy and set up future appointments to do an ultrasound and even to help with maternity clothes.  I am very thankful for the added support.  My current financial situation isn’t ideal, as I am working and attending school.  This just wasn’t a pregnancy I had planned.  With the help of WRMCSN, it has made my transition over the past few months easier and a little less stressful.   It is a wonderful program that we, Las Vegas locals, should be grateful for to have access to.


OUR WHY... When I first found out I was pregnant, I was terrified. A friend suggested the Women's Resource Medical Centers. I wasn't sure what to expect. Once I got to the clinic, it was more than a free pregnancy test. They talked to me without judgment. I'm not religious but I wanted someone to pray with me to seek guidance in making a good choice, and they did. I cried and decided to take a week to think about what I would do. I was in a new relationship, had just started a new job, been in the city only a few months, and I wasn't ready to be a single mom. I didn't believe in abortion, but I was strongly considering it. During an ultrasound provided for free by the clinic, we found out we were having twins. Unfortunately, we lost one at eight weeks. It made me appreciate and take extra care of the one twin that was left. My baby girl was born in December, and I have no regrets. I am so thankful to God and the staff that have provided so much support to me in such a trying time. I'm glad I made the right choice, and if I would have chosen differently I know the Women's Resource Medical Centers would have still been there for me!


OUR WHY...  I first came to the Women’s Resource Medical Centers after doing an at home pregnancy test. I was devastated at that time with no one to confide in about my pregnancy or to talk to for answers. I found the Center while searching online and made an appointment. After confirmation of the pregnancy, I was scheduled for an ultrasound. At that time, my whole life had been completely turned upside down with this situation. I came here, and they listened to all my fears and doubts and thoughts and in those horrible moments, gave me comfort and somewhat the glimmer of a possible positive thing or way. To be honest, I had two options, but either option was anything I had wanted to do. After the ultrasound and my first look at my baby moving around inside me, my heart opened a lot, and I smiled for the first time about my situation. Without that, I don’t think that my decision would have been the one that I chose and thinking about that possibility makes me so sad. I was given advice and positive encouragement to go forward with keeping my baby girl. They have called me every month to check on me which makes me feel that comfort I need in this trying time. I am blessed to have the support of the WRMCSN as being a single mother-to-be and my family living in another country (Canada). I really appreciate and cherish the support!


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