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Values Life License Plate


We are so excited that just one month away, we will be seeing the Creator of Life glorified on the streets of Nevada. In the meantime, the DMV has set aside low number plates for us to auction off as a fundraiser. A low number plate could add to the collectability of the specialty plate. We have numbers 0000 through 0099 available now for bidding. The minimum bid is $20 and the minimum amount to outbid is in increments of $20. The winner of each number will be given to the DMV to be released for their registration. To make your bid, choose the number you would like to start your bidding. Bidding closes on June 30 at 8 PM. All proceeds will go to the work and mission of the Women’s Resource Medical Centers of Southern Nevada. Thank you for your support! Start your bidding now here! Once you register, you will be notified by text where you will be able to bid. You will also be notified by text if you have been outbid... 




Our “Values Life” license plate initiative was approved by the Nevada State Legislative Committee for Specialty License Plates in October of 2015.

Last year we were notified that it was time to submit our design to the department of motor vehicles for approval. Pastor Matt Philips, who has been a graphic volunteer for us since 2003, designed our specialty plate and this is what we submitted. And…it was approved!

The plate then was given to the Nevada Highway Patrol for road testing and just last week, they announced that it passed inspection. The DMV will now begin the manufacturing process.

We expect to sell and maintain 3,000 to 5,000 specialty plates within the first year which will carry our message as vehicles drive throughout our state. ANTICIPATED AVAILABILITY IS JULY 2018.

Can you imagine how God will use this mobile message to reach hearts and minds? He is so purposeful. Every aspect of this process was nothing less than miraculous as He paved the way with favor. In your time of trouble, have you ever asked God to just show you a sign? As these plates travel throughout our state, it will be a sign from Him for those who need to know that their life is valued.

All details coming your way soon so be on the lookout via mail and email. 

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