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Zach McKenzie

Zach McKenzie

Zach is a Las Vegas native born and raised here in the Valley. He placed faith in Jesus Christ as a child. After high school, Zach attended Calvary Chapel Bible College in Murrieta, California, and graduated with an Associates in Theology in 2009. He currently works as the I.T. Director at Calvary Chapel Christian School; he also attends Calvary Chapel Spring Valley and volunteers as a Servant Leader in the church’s Senior High Youth Group. Zach completed WRMCSN’s Summer training course and became a Missionary Counselor in the Fall of 2015.

“Dietrich Bonhoeffer stated, ‘The test of the morality of a society is what it does for its children;’ and I strongly agree--my heart goes out to this next generation. There is a whole lot of confusion and pain when it comes to issues of sexuality, sanctity of life, and morality in general--and it is increasingly evident our society is straining under the weight of it all. The love of God is the only solution--it is what every person on planet earth needs--and that love is found in the message of the Gospel. This is why I volunteer at WRMCSN.

While I acknowledge the gravity of these social and civic issues, the Gospel of Christ, the Good News of God’s grace, is what drives the Center. As a disciple of Jesus Christ, it is my mandate to communicate the Good News clearly and consistently in every way, shape, and form available to me. WRMCSN presents me with the opportunity to share Jesus with people on a regular basis while providing a solid platform for qualitatively helping people with their practical needs. Being a part of this ministry makes me genuinely feel like I am making a difference in our culture.”

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